Reading instructions is no fun. Neither is writing them. So we’re even. Proper fitting of your iWALK is essential. But it’s also easy. So read the instructions and watch our videos before you start with your iWALK, and you’ll be iWALKing much faster than if you go it alone. We promise.

Assembly Instructions: Learn how to assemble your iWALK Hands Free Crutch by watching our instructional video

Fitting Instructions: Proper fitting of your iWALK3.0 Hands Free Crutch is ESSENTIAL for proper performance and safety. Learn how to tailor your iWALK3.0 crutch for your particular leg and body style.

First Time Use Instructions: Learn how to walk for the first time on your iWALK3.0 Hands Free Crutch. Also learn the right way to go up and down stairs and slopes, and how to optimize the fit for your particular leg and body size and shape.

iWALK3.0 hands free crutch is a carefully engineered multiple award winning medical mobility device that ends the pain and inconvenience of conventional crutches. Easy to learn, easy to use, crutches and knee scooters are now obsolete.